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Questions about tickets 2016?

Diner en Blanc is a labour of love, and everyone organising it does so in their spare time, in order to keep the costs low for you. If you have a question for us, before emailing us, please have a look at the "News" posts, at our Frequently Asked Questions, on the website and on our Facebook. You could also post your question on our Facebook page, our community are great at helping us out to answer your questions (thanks for that guys!).
Some commonly asked questions:
1. How do I get tickets?
If you are not a member of Diner en Blanc in Perth, register your interest on our website. This registration puts you on the Waiting list for “Phase 3” (see more information on the Phases by clicking on "More Info" on the registration page).
Please don’t use an email that is likely to change, as you will always be contacted via this email.
In the week leading up to the registrations opening, you will be sent an email telling you when tickets will go on sale. You will be given a date and an exact time. It will then be first-come-first-served, and tickets may sell out fast!

2. What are the Phases?
Tickets are sold in three phases:

Phase 1 are attendees who are friends of the organising hosts. Registrations Open: Monday, 8 February at 7am
Phase 3 are new attendees on the waiting list. Registrations Open: Monday, 29 February at 7am
Each year you need to renew your membership to stay on Phase 1.

3. Am I guaranteed a ticket if I am on the waiting list?
You are not guaranteed a ticket, but if you are very keen we suggest you be online for the date and time the tickets go on sale, which will be in the email you receive a few days before your phase opens.
4. Can you tell me what my chances are on getting a ticket?
We are sorry, but we do not know what your chances will be if you are in Phase 3. It depends on how many people in Phase 1 choose to buy tickets. In Phase 1 you have the opportunity to be absent for a year. It also depends on how many people in Phase 1 choose to nominate someone to be a member in Phase 2. It also depends on the general demand in Phase 3.
The only thing we can tell you is, if you are very keen we suggest you be online for the date and time the tickets go on sale.
5. How do I bring a guest?
The person buying the ticket becomes the "member", and every member brings a guest. So every ticket sold at Diner en Blanc is sold in pairs, so you get to share your evening with someone significant in your life ... or why not try a blind date! That would be a story!

6. Can my guest be the same gender as me?
Absolutely! You are prompted to select your gender as a member, and the gender of your guest (which is located in the guest column in the second page of the registration), but really it doesn't matter; it really isn't important at the Perth event. Some Diner en Blanc events respect the tradition of having all of the women sit on the side with the view, and the men opposite (because the woman is the beautiful view - how sweet!), but we let you do whatever you like, and most of our guests are women bringing their female friends (girls night!).

7. I have a large group and would like to reserve tickets, is this possible?
It is not possible to reserve tickets to the event, in groups or as individuals. The event does not favour anyone, everyone must register and then it is first-come-first-served for tickets.
If you have a large group it will be difficult to get seats together, and so we ask people to not expect to be sitting with their friends. You will sit opposite your guest, so you will always have a friendly face opposite, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people seated around you for the dinner part of the event.
The only possible way to sit with friends is to make sure you select the same Transport Location and the same Table Leader. You are seated with the people in the same Bus/Table Group. It is however difficult to do this, as groups fill up quickly. We suggest you keep watching this blog, and see what Transport Locations and Bus/Table Groups are created, then choose these prior with your friends. We will try and keep you up-to-date with what sells out in Phase 1 and Phase 2.
However if you do have friends, or a large group at the event, during the dancing/socialising part of the evening, you are encouraged to leave your seats, and this is a great opportunity to be with a group of friends.
All of our guests enjoy this format. It may be difficult to grasp before experiencing the event, but when you attend, you’ll understand why it is setup this way, and it’s great advantages.

8. As a member, can I bring a different guest?
You can change your guest at any time. You can bring a different guest each year, and you can change your guest at any time. To do this log in, go to My Page>Edit My Page. In the guest column double click on the information to edit it. It will turn green when it has saved.
9. I'm on Phase 1, but my email has changed. How can I change it, so that I get an email invite?
Use your old email address and password, go to Members Access, got to My Page>Edit My Profile . Double click on the email to change it, enter it in and the box should turn green.

The email invite won't go out to you immediately, we will need to resend it in a batch, but we will resend invites periodically up until the event is sold out.

That's all for now! Please be patient if you are asking a question via email, and consider checking if it hasn't already been answered elsewhere, or perhaps posting it on our Facebook page, so everyone can be benefitted seeing the question/answer. Thanks everyone!

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