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What to bring?

What to bring?

Diner en Blanc is a unique pop-up event. Guests bring certain items as a tradition of the Diner en Blanc events, so that the location is kept a secret until the last minute and so it just pops up out of no where and then disappears without a trace. This unique part of the event keeps the ticket price low and affordable.

As a member you are reinvited back to the event next year, and so once you have invested in some items, you can re-use these in the future. It is a truly sustainable event!

Diner en Blanc Members need to bring the following for themselves and their guest:
  1. A square Folding Table between 50-90cm
  2. 2 white folding chairs (can be covered in a white cloth if not white)
  3. A table cloth and white napkins (white napkins are needed for the napkin wave)
  4. 2 plates and 2 sets of cutlery - must not be disposable (even if you purchase the Ultimo Hamper)
  5. 2 plastic glasses (due to Licensing Laws glassware are forbidden)
  6. Print out of their reservation confirmation and ID (to prove their identity and that they are over 18)
  7. A meal (or can pre-purchase one from our online store)
It is optional but recommended to bring: decorations for your table (focus on white), candles LED or other battery powered lighting, water/juice/softdrinks (note no BYO alcohol, and none will be available for purchase on the night - you must buy alcohol in our online store up to one week before the event) 
It is a good idea to carry some of these items in a white basket (or a basket of a neutral colour or an esky wrapped in white material) and use a trolley to transport them (the trolley can be stored under your table and doesn't need to be white).
Guests must also wear white, elegant attire.

To help you find some items you need (at an affordable price), particularly items that are difficult to locate, here are some suggestions of where you can buy items. We are not affiliated with any other these businesses, and you will need to contact them for more information.

We will continue to update this if guests find some more bargains. Add your suggestions to the comments at the end.

Suggestions of where to buy items:


  • Masters - “Kew” Chair - $12.20 each link
  • Ikea HÄRÖ -Table, outdoor, foldable white white $29 Link
  • Ikea GUNDE - Folding chair, white $11.95 Link
  • KMart - White folding chair - $8.50 each
  • ​Big W - White folding chair - $12 each
  • Bunnings - Folding Chair (Black – requires white chair cover) Link
  • Bunnings - Folding Resin Chair (Grey – requires white chair cover) Link
  • Office Works – Folding White Padded Chair $12 Link

FOLDING TABLES (must have a white tablecloth over)

  • Bunnings - Marquees Black Folding Card Table (requires white table cover) Link
  • Bunnings - Folding Trestle Table for 4 guests Link  
  • Ikea - Tarno Table – (wood and black metal) $19.95 Link
  • Ikea - ASKHOLMEN - $29 Table, outdoor, grey-brown foldable grey-brown stained $29 Link
  • Big W – Oztrail Folding Table - $22 Link
  • Masters - Folding Card Table - $41.00 link
  • Officeworks - "Folding Square Bi-fold Table" - $39 Link
  • Crazy Clarks - "Folding Table" - $15

TROLLEYS OR CARTS (not a requirement, but do make it easier to cart your items)

  • Masters - folding trolley - $29.98 link
  • Officeworks – Magna Trolley - $29.95 Link


Diner en Blanc Perth is partnering with a local supplier to provide our guests with the opportunity to hire items for collection prior to the night, drop off at the venue, after the event. Please contact Hire Society for further information and receive a discount of 15% if you use the promotional code: debperth when ordering online.
Hire Society: Party Hire Perth, WA - Event Hire
Address: 73 Carrington St, Nedlands WA 6009
Phone:(08) 9389 9921

Do you have more suggestions? Or are you having trouble finding an item? Add these in the comments below.

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Mary D.
5 year ago
Theres a chap on gumtree who is selling white fold up chairs for $5.00 each, he has 50 of them i think
Khrystyne C.
5 year ago
Kmart sell these tables for $19 in the camping section too.
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